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Success Stories

Hamilton County

  • Rachelle found herself a single mom with three children. She didn’t have the money to get her taxes done by a paid preparer. She came to our site and with an EITC refund she was able to buy clothes, shoes and food for her children.
  • Jane, a single mother of two children, came to our VITA site to have an amended tax return prepared to incorporate 2 tax documents she received after filing the original return with 1 W-2. The VITA tax preparer showed Jane that she paid $440 (including refund anticipation loan) to file the original return whereas she paid nothing for an amended return that required at least twice the work as the original return. Jane stated she would come to our VITA site next year.

Butler County

  • John’s furnace and hot water heater were not working for several months which forced him and his family to stay with friends. With his EITC refund, he was able to get his furnace and hot water heater repaired and return home with his family.
  • Tom and Mary had been dating for years, but felt like they could not afford to get married. With their EITC refunds, they recently wed.
  • Ellen, who has been raising her niece for nearly 12 years, had been living in a motel for over a year after being evicted from their apartment. With Ellen’s EITC refund she was able to rent a house for her and her niece.
  • Sam’s car broke down and for two months he had been getting rides to and from work, but due to Sam’s EITC refund, he was able to get his car repaired.

Northern Kentucky

  • Sylvia, an emergency shelter guest, is a young mom with a couple of kids and she’s been at shelter for quite a while. She’s really worked hard at pulling her life together, and has done a tremendous job of it. She worked very steadily all last year despite dealing with homelessness, and living in the shelter with children. With the EITC that she will get back, she’ll have about $5,000. This refund will be the financial boost that allows her leave the shelter and go into permanent housing. Long story short, she’s struggled much, but has stuck with it, and the EITC she got is a great way to take a fresh start to her new life.