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Give Your Employees a Raise…for Free!

The United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s Make Work Pay campaign is a community outreach program that helps local individuals and families claim the Earned Income Tax Credit they deserve and file taxes for free!

Help us communicate this important refund and free tax filing services to your employees. They may qualify to receive cash back to help pay off debt, buy a home, or save for the future. Read more.

Two tax filing services are eligible for your employees:

  • Online Filing – Use our quick and easy online filing service for state and federal taxes.
    Free for anyone earning less than $58,000.
  • In Person Filing – Have your state and federal return prepared by an IRS certified volunteer at a local tax site.
    Free for anyone earning less than $52,000, please review our What to Bring list before visiting a tax site. All locations file electronically to ensure quick filing and rapid refunds.

Help Employees Receive Their Entire Refund

  • EITC gets more money into your employees’ pockets and they can get their taxes filed for free.
  • When your employees pay a tax preparation company to get their refunds instantly, they often end up paying for high-interest, short-term loans (up to 300 percent when annualized) with finance charges and preparation fees.
  • Millions of dollars are waiting to be claimed by eligible individuals in our community. In 2013 alone, local residents received more than $21.3 million in refunds.

Spread the Word!

  • Include Information Flyers in Payroll and W-2 Mailings
    Or include them in any staff or client communication from January through March. You can also include an electronic version in a mass email to your employees or clients. Download our Flyer and FAQs.
  • Distribute Flyers and Posters Throughout Your Company
    We have many outreach materials including flyers and posters that would be appropriate to share with your employees in break rooms, on bulletin boards, or at meetings. View materials.
  • Publish an Article
    If you have a employee or client newsletter, include an EITC article during tax season. View a sample article.
  • Link to the EITC Make Work Pay Campaign on Your Intranet
    Create a link to on your employee Intranet or webpage.
  • Encourage Employees to Volunteer
    Your employees can learn a valuable skill and receive free IRS tax training and certification as a volunteer with the EITC initiative. Download our Volunteer Flyer or direct employees to

Consider Hosting a Tax Preparation Site at Your Workplace

Make it easy for employees to get taxes prepared for free and determine eligibility for EITC, Child Tax Credit and other federal benefit programs. Here are several key things you need to consider to have a tax site on your premises:

  • Company should employ a large number of employees earning $52,000 or below
  • Company should be able to provide employee volunteers to manage and operate site
  • Company should be able to host a site for a few days
  • Company should consider offering tax preparations on site during business hours
  • Facility should have physical capacity (large or several small rooms) and technology (computers and internet access) to accommodate program

Additional resources

For more information, please contact Lucy Crane at 513-762-7192 or