Volunteer Guide

Help families in Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana file their taxes, claim credits, and get the refunds they’ve earned.

Here’s How:

Step 1: Sign Up to Volunteer


  • View our orientation slideshow here.
  • Learn more about the volunteer tax preparer roles and responsibilities here.
  • Make sure that the tax site dates and locations can fit your schedule.   Most sites are Saturday mornings or weeknights. For an overview of volunteering locations and times, see the list of tax site locations and dates advertised to the public. Not all sites need volunteers.
  • ** Complete a United Way tax volunteer signup form
  • Determine your training pathway:
    1. First or second year  tax preparation volunteers should attend Classroom training and take the BASIC Tax Certification Test.
    2. Experienced tax preparation volunteers, tax professionals, CFAs and other seeking CEUs, and ambitious 2nd year preparers may take classroom training or may study online on your own, and should take the ADVANCED Test.
    3. Additional Specialized tax topic classes are offered for advanced preparers (see Training Calendar).
    4. Greeters should take our Volunteer Income Tax Intro (Class 1) (see Training Calendar)
    5. Interpreters, data entry assistance, tech help, appointment takers and other specialty volunteers will take the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Test ONLY (Step 2.4 below). Specialty training will be provided on an individual basis.

Step 2: Train


  1. Attend Classroom Training– Our final classroom training of the year is Saturday 1/20/17 at United Way. It is a mixed level, accelerated training combining several classes to make up classes missed in last week’s storm. All are welcome. To register, click HERE.
  2. If you decide to train entirely online, you can still volunteer as long as you pass certification, get familiar with Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana taxes, and familiarize yourself with Taxslayer software. Please follow all steps below; use IRS LinkandLearn as your training curriculum. Links for many useful online resources are listed HERE.
  3. Get your training and testing materials:  Training materials are available at our training classes, can be downloaded online or picked up during business hours at the United Way, 2400 Reading Road, Cincinnati.
  4. Create your IRS certification test user account at “Link and Learn” under Certification Tests.
  5. create account
    You’ll need enter the following information to set up your account: Group: 01 – VITA Volunteer; Do you want to take the Site Coordinator course?: No; Training Source: Link and Learn Taxes Additional help on navigating Link and Learn for study and testing is in the Getting-Started-Job-Aid

  6. Volunteer Standards of Conduct Test: The Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSOC) Exam is a prerequisite to all other courses. This information is mandatory for all VITA volunteers, and you may not proceed to any other exams until you pass this one. There are 10 questions. To take the VSOC Test:
    – Review either our Volunteer Standards of Conduct Summary or the more indepth IRS information.
    – Log in to your account at the IRS IRS’ training and certification site, called “Link and Learn”
    – In the first column, under the heading “Course name,” click on the link for Volunteer Standards of Conduct – Exam. This opens a description dialog box.
    – Within this window, click Launch on the upper right to start the exam and complete your Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSOC) Test.
  7. Intake/Interview and Quality Review Test: This test shows you understand the VITA rules and process. Technology volunteers and coaches do not need this test. Interpreters, Greeters and Tax Preparers need this test to show they understand the process for taxpayers.
    – View the powerpoint slideshow for Intake Interview and Quality Review.
    – At VITA/TCE Central www.linklearncertification.com log in with your username and password.
    – In the left hand column, select the “Intake Interview and Quality Review”
    – Launch and take the Intake and Quality Review test.
  8. Learn Taxslayer Software:
    • Our VITA Tax Preparation Class includes an introduction to TaxSlayer.  Experienced tax preparers who study tax law on their own and take a specialized Taxslayer class instead of our general tax preparation class (see training calendar).
    • Use online training video as an introduction to Taxslayer. Pause the video and practice!
    • Set up an account in the TaxSlayer Practice Lab.   PracticeLab is a demonstration version of the software that does not file taxes with IRS.
      • The Access Code to Log in is TRAINPROWEB.
      • Entering the Access Code will takes you to a log in page where you SIGN IN, (if you have used taxslayer practice lab before)  or CREATE ACCOUNT to set up a username and password for the practice lab.
      • First time: Click on Create Account and enter your name, email address.
      • The practice lab username must be different from the username you use to prepare taxes. Write down your username!!  It is impossible to retrieve it.
      • Your volunteer type is VITA. Skip the question about SIDN- you don’t need one. You will also need to select a security question.
      • Multiple training videos are provided on the bottom of the first page.
    • Use Practice Lab to practice using the software and preparing tax returns.  Multiple training videos are provided on the bottom of the first page.

Step 3: Test and Certify


3.1 Background info: IRS Volunteer Certification uses the IRS Link and Learn Certification Testing Site.

  • The test is open book and is not timed. Take your time and use your reference materials. This test is not about memorization but about your ability to research and apply information.
  • Each certification test requires the volunteer to complete several tax returns and answer questions based on the results.
  • Use your reference materials! The IRS Pub 4012, handed out at training class, is your best resource.
  • The test scenarios are designed to test your ability to apply tax law; they are often more challenging than returns you’ll see a tax site.
  • The questions, scenarios and details will be the ones in your test booklet, but the answers may not be in the same order as in the test booklet.
  • Additional information about moving through the test screens online is available on an IRS certification tutorial.

3.2 Practice tax preparation by completing the Certification test in the test booklet IRS Pub 6744 to prepare sample returns. Note that page 92 of the booklet was omitted in printing the booklet; individuals taking the advanced test will need that page. It is here

  • When you find tax law areas that are difficult for you:
    • study those topics in more depth using IRS’ Link and Learn training site for individual interactive lessons on tax topics. (You do not need a password for these lessons.) The lessons will refer frequently to a written curriculum, Publication 4491, which is available in pdf form online; in each lesson there will be a link on the right of the screen which links to the appropriate pages in Publication 4491.
    • Attend in person tax practice sessions (see calendar)
    • Alternately, see the online training guide for additional training resources such as videos.
    • Contact United Way if you need help with specific tax questions or if you’d like us to set you up with a training buddy to work through deeper problems.
  • Complete the alternate Tax Certification Test in the test booklet (6744). Once you have completed both tests, you are ready to take the certification tests.

3.3 Take the certification test online:

  • Sign on to the test at the Link and Learn Testing site.  See step 2 above for information on logons to this site.
  • You will only be able to launch the tests after you complete the prerequisite tests (See step 2 above). Without these, the “Launch” option will be greyed out.
  • Select the appropriate exam in the first column of the screen; a new box will open up. Then click Launch.
  • Use your test booklet and the sample tax returns you prepared in step 4 above.
  • Page 92 in Form 6744 was inadvertently left blank in both the current online and printed versions. Without this page, volunteers will get an incorrect answer on the Advanced Certification test.
  • Enter the answers to the test questions using the tax returns you have completed. Be sure to read the test on the screen- sometimes question and answer order can differ from the information in the test booklet.
  • After clicking Submit, the Certification Test Results screen will be displayed. On this screen, you can view:
    • Your total score for the exam (at the bottom of the screen). The passing score is 80%.
    • Feedback for incorrect questions, along with links to the Link & Learn Taxes lesson with the information needed to answer the test question. This is your personalized review lesson; use these links to study specific content as needed.
  • Each test can be taken up to two times. If you fail the test the first time, look over the test summary, which will tell you the areas you answered incorrectly. You can study these in Link and Learn before taking the test again. If you fail a second time, switch from the advanced to the basic test or from basic to advanced.
  • If your test won’t launch: several volunteers have experienced an error where their advanced or basic test lacks a “launch” button. If this is the case:
    1. After logging into the linklearn test platform, go to “my account” (blue navigation bar above the test box.);
      In my account details, second or third question is “do you want to take site coordinator test?” Answer NO;
      Click SAVE at bottom right;
      Return to basic tab, test should now launch normally.

  • You can also take additional specialty tests (HSA, Foreign, Military etc.). These are optional but very helpful (especially HSA).

3.4. Print your volunteer agreement (Form 13615).  After each test, your certification will be stored in VITA/TCE Central. After you complete your tests, your certification screen will update to show that you are certified as a tax preparer. To document this, you must digitally sign and print Form 13615, Volunteer Agreement. You must bring this form with you each time you volunteer.

  • To find the agreement, look on the left side of the certification page.
  • Digitally sign by clicking the check-box next to the statement, “You may sign your Volunteer Agreement electronically by checking this box.”
  • Open and print the volunteer agreement form.
  • certification page

  • You can click also Print Certificate in the Pass/Fail column to print a certificate of completion for your files if you choose. However, this certificate is not used at the tax site.

3.5 You are a certified tax preparer!  Celebrate, tell your friends, post it on Facebook, and send us an email to let us know! 

Step 4: Schedule


  • Tax Volunteer Center allows you to schedule yourself for training and shows your current schedule.
  • We will periodically email you the locations needing volunteers.
  • On tax day: Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the tax session. Bring
    • Photo ID,
    • Your workbooks, and handouts and reference materials
    • Form 13615 (volunteer agreement) See step 4 number 4 above for instructions.
  • Bad weather: If heavy snowstorms are expected, dial 2-1-1 to find out if your tax site will be open.  Sites close in Level 2 and 3 emergencies.
  • If you are scheduled and must cancel, please contact the site coordinator.

Advanced Resources and Links


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