Online Training Resources

Online Training Resources  2017

1) Taxslayer  Softwaretaxslayer-videos-pic

Taxslayer training is within PracticeLab:   The access code is TRAINPROWEB.  Then you will need to set up username and password.  This carries over from last year, but does not relate to logins for LinkandLearn or real tax filing at a tax site.

2) Tax Law for Preparation and Basic Certification

2a) Volunteer Standards of Conduct Exam r Volunteer Standards of Conduct Summary or the more indepth IRS information.

2b) Intake Interview and Quality Review  Slideshow  or ProsperityNow online Intake Interview Course (requires registration)

2c) Practice tax scenarios

2d) Test booklet

2e) Online IRS training modules: (Link and Learn)  

These short online lessons will refer frequently to a written curriculum, Publication 4491, which is available in pdf form online; in each lesson there will be a link on the right of the screen which links to the appropriate pages in Publication 4491.  You can follow the entire curriculum or shop for topics that you want to study.

2d)  Classroom training slides:  Here are the slides from the Cincinnati classroom trainings for the 2017-18 season:

2d) Tax Law Videos for All Preparers  (Cuyahoga EITC Coalition)


These short videos, provided by our peer coalition in Northern Ohio, were produced in 2015, but still provide an excellent understanding of each topic.  Each module is about 15 min long, and a powerpoint is also available.  Click on a link below or see the online training modules under

3)Tax Law Advanced Certification

3a) Online IRS training modules: (Link and Learn)

3b) Additional Tax Law Videos for Advanced Level Preparers (Cuyahoga EITC Coalition)

Click on a  link below or see the online training modules under

4) State Tax

These videos were filmed using last years’ tax software.  However, the state concepts are still valid.

5) Affordable Care Act

Healthcare Beyond the basics Tax Year 2017 ACA: What Tax Preparers Need to Know Webinar Series  More info